Zipp Speed Weaponry Vukabull Carbon Base Bar

Few, if any, brands have dedicated such a lot in their R&D to making essentially the most aerodynamic equipment as Zipp has. For fast bars that still will let you deal with a comfortable position to churn out watts, you couldn’t do significantly better than the Zipp VukaBull Carbon Base Bar. The VukaBull bars differ from the VukaAero bars in two vital ways. At only 200 grams they are much lighter than the Aero bars. And, most likely more vital for those of you who’re buying this to race UCI-sanctioned stage races, they’re 100% UCI compliant. Hundreds of hours of research the use of computer simulations in addition to practical trial and error have gone into the design of these bars. The result is a time trial bar that has an airfoil shape that reduces drag, stiffens the bar and still manages to comply with UCI specs.In Zipp’s terminology, airfoil refers back to the wing shape of a wheel or, on this case, the handlebar. The airfoil shape used to be designed to operate absolute best at the speeds attained by a bicycle not an airplane, and to have the lowest drag in a 0 degree or flat on position in aspect to the wind. Actually, the airfoil shape is the primary area where the folks at Zipp have lavished attention at the VukaBull handlebars.Along with spending hours examining the shape the use of fluid dynamics modeling, Zipp spent quite a lot of time in discussions with fitters, shop mechanics, athletes, and consumers to search out that there have been two main complaints in current base bar design and execution. The first complaint related to the truth that the clamp section for clip-on bars had been too narrow prior to now. That piece of information led Zipp to widen this clamp area to deal with larger riders and riders wanting a much wider spread between the clip-ons. So now the clamp width is 120.0mm, adding 10mm more space for lateral movement.