Vittoria 23 Clincher Open Corsa CX III Tire

Compound: IsoGrip
Size: 700 x 21 c, 700 x 23 c, 700 x 25 c
Type: clincher

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Sadly for the ones of us who experience such esoteric things, tubular tires are all of a sudden going the way in which of the dodo, a minimum of so far as non-skilled use is worried. Necessarily, when you would not have any person gluing your tires for you, and swapping wheels on every occasion you flat, it is almost definitely now not value running tubs. That hurts to put in writing, but it is true. And rather than the ones oh-so-smooth tubulars take a seat tires just like the Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX, which is a tubular in the whole lot but installation. “Open tubular” is the name that tire companies give to tires which might be constructed the use of a tubular casing, but then hooked up to a clincher bead, which retains some of the riding characteristics of a tubular, with all of the convenience of a clincher. It truly is having your cake and eating it too.
Compound: IsoGrip
Size: 700 x 21 c, 700 x 23 c, 700 x 25 c
Sort: clincher
TPI: 320
Bead: folding


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