Lezyne 3-Way Spoke Wrench

We love the Lezyne 3-Manner Spoke Wrench for its sturdiness, simplicity, and relaxed, ergonomic design. This compact spoke wrench would possibly not get hung up within the spokes as you’re employed your Manner across the wheel for the 9th time, and because the spokes get tight you should not have to prevent and relax for the reason that rounded edges are simple for your fingers. The prime-power cast steel spoke wrench will last for years, even though you are a skilled wheel-builder. Precision CNC-machined wrench slots be certain that best possible tolerances each time.The Lezyne 3-Manner Wrench contains three other spoke sizes: 3.22, 3.30, and 3.45mm.

Product Features

  • Material:
  • Box Finish Wrench:
  • Open Finish Wrench:
  • Other Gear:
  • Weight: 29 g
  • Recommended Use: truing your wheels
  • Manufacturer Guaranty: