ORCA Men’s Predator Full Sleeve Wetsuit

44 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene
Speedway SCS Flex Panel
Low Profile Neck


In addition to this, the Predator Options Nano ICE; the fastest coating in the marketplace will provide you with a performance edge. The Predator additionally uses Exo-Cell2, which is the recent upgrade to the very talked-about Exo-Cell. This subject material is 30% more buoyant than Aerodrome and has been utilised At the lumbar to provide core buoyancy and aid with stability within the water. All new for 2013 is Pressure Serve as. 3mm (PF) At the calves and forearms aid bloodflow back to the center and likewise cut back muscle oscillation. At the shoulders and arms 2mm (PF) is helping cut back muscle oscillation while still providing superb vary of motion and versatility.Options:*Low profile neck limits water entry, reduces chafing, reduces drag*Slipstream zip for low drag*Exo-cell 2 lumbar buoyancy system: optimum swim position for greater speed*Pressure Serve as forearm and calf panels: increased blood waft and blood oxygenation from strategically placed pressure Serve as panels on the body extremities*Pressure Serve as shoulder panels: pressure Serve as Yamamoto neoprene on shoulders and arm to scale back muscle oscillation and aid bloodflow from the extremities*forty four cell Yamamoto neoprene: nearly full body coverage of 44 cell*Speedway SCS flex panel: rapid removal of suit enabling faster transition times*3D cut leg: contoured to suit form of the calf for increased comfort*Design impressed by Orca namesake and muse, the apex predator of the sea, the orca whale
44 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene
Speedway SCS Flex Panel
Low Profile Neck

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