VEVOR Folding Bicycles 26 Inch Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes

Outdoor Mountain Bike 26″ 21-Speed Folding Bicycle Road Trip Racing for Men and Women

With the outstanding performance of this 21-speed easy-riding bike, you’ll be able to Trip almost in all places. It doesn’t matter what career do you are taking, no worry how skilled you might be, this new designed bicycle–with yellow color of passion and brightness–will definitely transform your best out of doors companion in both day by day life and holidays. So stop being couch potatoes at home. Come out of doors and do a little healthy exercise! Bring your pals, take your circle of relatives, Trip in the course of the neighborhood or hit the trail to feel the incredible nature wholeheartedly in conjunction with this bike!


Great product for unisex students and adults.

Best choice for day by day short go back and forth, off-road Trip, long-distance exploration, racing, and so forth.

About assembly

Most of our bikes are assembled 60% – 85%. Final bicycle assembly isn’t difficult and takes a skilled mechanic 15-20 minutes, on the other hand an improperly assembled/tuned bicycle might result in damage to the bicycle or injury to you.

Bicycle assembly generally involves but isn’t limited to these steps:

Install front wheel

Install handlebars

Install seat

Install pedals-if included

Inflate tires

True wheels if important. It’s normal for a bicycle out of the box from the factory to require wheel truing. ¬†This can be a normal a part of bicycle assembly.

Adjust / bleed brakes

Adjust front and rear derailleurs if equipped.

Adjust / inflate suspension if equipped

All parts, including pre-installed components should be properly tightened and adjusted prior to riding. After a couple of rides It’s normal that your bike will need some tuning.

Package Content

1 x Folding Mountain Bicycle

1 x User Manual