VEVOR Road Bike 26inch/27 Inch Fixed Gear Bike Shimano Single Speed Bike for Men and Women

Road Bike Fixed Gear Bike Shimano Single Speed Bike for Men and Women

This is a fashionably designed new Fixie Bike with front brake included. Flat handlebar offers an upright and stylish look, its light high carbon steel frame permits comfortable and responsive riding. Flip-flop rear wheel hub permits the versatility to switch from single-speed to fixed gear easily. Provide you with a great pedal stroke riding.The back brake provides you with the power to prevent. Colored frame and wheels are of the recent fashion. Additionally, this straightforward fixie bike brings you more alternatives to embellish it in order that each and every bike will also be personalized!

Item Specification:

Material: high carbon steel with paint

Handlebars: Usual

Kickstand: Included

Frame: high carbon steel frame

Gearing (of speeds): Single speed

Seat: Padded, height adjustable seat

Pedals: Plastic pedals

Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs

About assembly

Most of our bikes are assembled 60% – 85%. Final bicycle assembly isn’t difficult and takes a skilled mechanic 15-20 minutes, then again an improperly assembled/tuned bicycle might result in damage to the bicycle or injury to you. We propose that you’ve got this bike assembled by a qualified mechanic.

Bicycle assembly normally comes to but isn’t limited to those steps:

Install front wheel

Install handlebars

Install seat

Install pedals – if included

Inflate tires

True wheels if essential. It’s normal for a bicycle out of the box from the factory to require wheel truing.  It is a normal a part of bicycle assembly.

Adjust / bleed brakes

Adjust front and rear derailleurs if equipped.

Adjust / inflate suspension if equipped