Gama Bikes Clubman 6 Speed Shimano Urban Cruiser Commuter Bicycle, 26-inch wheels

This can be a bike you just don’t need to get off. A simple laid-back riding position, slick styling, and powerful tires to smooth out the bumps. With its versatile six speed drivetrain, This isn’t your average beach cruiser. Call it a hybrid bike, commuter bike, urban bike, or a beach cruiser… The hot button is that with the Clubman you’ll spin a bit of, coast a bit of, and benefit from the ride. This isn’t your average cheap bike. In truth the team at Gama, does no longer make cheap bikes, Gama makes reasonably priced top of the range bicycles specific on your cycling needs. Plus, this Men’s bike is supplied with the entire bicycle accessories you wish to have to get out in town: fenders, rear rack, and a bell. If the Clubman doesn’t fit your needs, take a look at the remainder of Gama’s stylish, urban bicycles on Amazon, life is just too short to roll at the same average bike as the opposite guys.  Please note: Even though these bicycles are delivered approximately 80% assembled, it’s highly really useful that you are taking the bicycle to a motorbike shop for assembly by a professional professional.