Meister 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer Booties for Cycling, Running, Hiking & Ice Baths (Pair)

Base Layer Toe Warmers for Biking, Running, Walking & Hiking on cold days
Wear during Ice Baths to protect toes
Insulated 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene retains body heat

The extremities are the primary a part of the body to get cold on a cold day. Do not let cold toes stop you if you find yourself out for a Ride, Run, Walk or Hike. Or use these Toe Booties all the way through your next ice bath so you’ll be able to ice your feet and legs with out toe discomfort. Meister Neoprene Toe Hotter Booties have been designed to be ultimate Toe Heaters. 2.5mm is the easiest thickness to keep your toes heat with out adding any bulk on your shoes – while you put your shoes on you are going to completely disregard you could have them on excluding that your toes may not be cold! The Neoprene/Polyester blend in these booties will contour on your unique feet shape for max comfort. Agree with Meister’s decades of revel in in functional athletic product design. Get a couple of Meister Toe Hotter Booties as of late!
Base Layer Toe Heaters for Biking, Running, Walking & Mountaineering on cold days
Wear all the way through Ice Baths to give protection to toes
Insulated 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene retains body warmth
Extremely at ease to wear, nearly disappears
One Size Fits All – Sold as Pair (2 Booties)