Oral IV Ultra Concentrate Hydration Fluid, 4-pack

Promotes shorter recovery times from exercise and exertion
Helps maintain heightened concentration and alertness
Natural ingredients, no sugar, no stimulants

As a hydration aid, ORAL IV can be utilized for any application where physical exertion or the potential of dehydration exists.

This ranges from sports and fitness to on-the-job use within the military, law enforcement and first responder communities. ORAL IV is in accordance with a proprietary, all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals. There are no sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind. ORAL is designed to optimize the body’s hydration process and supplement existing hydration strategies.

Perfect for triathlons, marathons, running and cycling

Great for Crossfit, MMA and extreme exertion workouts
How Will have to I Use ORAL IV?

ORAL IV is intended to lend a hand a person’s existing hydration strategy. To experience the intended benefits, we propose taking ORAL IV with water prior to or throughout activities of physical exertion that may give a contribution to dehydration, such as fitness, exercise or sports. Depending to your level of activity and personal fitness, it is strongly recommended to take one vial of ORAL IV with water for each 4 to 6 hours of strenuous activity.

Is ORAL IV approved by Informed-Sport?

ORAL IV has been certified by INFORMED-CHOICE/INFORMED-SPORT, a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities.

Is ORAL IV a sports drink or water replacement?

ORAL IV is neither a sports drink nor a water replacement. Sports drinks might contain sugars and artificial ingredients that don’t seem to be necessarily user-friendly to the body. ORAL IV’s formula of crystalloid electrolytes serves as a hydration aid and does not contain sugar, caffeine or other stimulants. ORAL IV does not replenish any longer water volume than the 15 mL that may be within the bottle, nor is it an electrolyte replacement. You Will have to also drink fluids in conjunction with ORAL IV which is able to lend a hand a person’s existing hydration strategy and thus increase potential performance.

Sports & Fitness

When you’re at the field, hydration plays an enormous role on your performance. From football, baseball and hockey to volleyball, golf, tennis and soccer, ORAL IV is a powerful hydration aid for any sport. Taking ORAL IV with water prior to and throughout your games assist you to reach maximum hydration, so you’ll be able to perform at your perfect. Also incorporate ORAL IV into your hydration strategy before training, conditioning and day by day workouts. Stay hydrated with ORAL IV and play to win.

Used by elite forces
How do I use ORAL IV?

“I use a vile of ORAL IV prior to my high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise to verify my muscles are properly hydrated for maximum output in minimal time.” -Chris McCorkle, Spartan Athlete

ORAL IV is All Natural
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Sugar
  • No Stimulants
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Lightweight and portable

Promotes shorter recovery times from exercise and exertion
Helps handle heightened concentration and alertness
Natural ingredients, no sugar, no stimulants
Contributes to peak performance
Lightweight and portable