29″ Huffy Millennial Men’s Cruiser Bike, Grey

29″ Huffy Millennial Men’s Cruiser Motorbike, Gray The Huffy Millennial Mens Cruiser Motorbike takes cruising to a brand new level with 29-inch wheels. Taller riders love the larger wheels, however everybody enjoys some great benefits of riding the Huffy Millennial! Cruising is all about having a laugh, so why now not make it even more uncomplicated? Larger wheels assist riders gain momentum and take care of speed, with out additional exertion. Curbs and bumps within the road are more uncomplicated to take care of. The bigger wheels take care of them like champs so you stay cruising along. The Millennial has the entire comfort options you are expecting from a Huffy cruiser, beginning with the padded spring saddle. It’s designed for comfort even on long rides. Special twin-density grips and pedals blend grip and luxury in one! The only speed Motorbike has a very easy-to-use coaster brake. Combining classic cruiser frame taste and fenders with some great benefits of 29-inch wheels, the Huffy Millennial Mens Cruiser Motorbike is able for the long run.