3T Mercurio 60 LTD Tubular Rear Wheel

1425 g
Carbon-fiber (rim) Alloy (hub)
All-carbon-fiber UD finish

A part of 3T’s flagship Mercurio tubular vary, the Mercurio 60 LTD rear wheel is a no-holds barred medium-deep aero race wheel optimized for speed, speed, and more speed. The 63mm deep all carbon fiber rim is not just stiff, aerodynamic, and feather mild, however 3T’s engineers have pushed the performance envelope with their distinctive spoke design. Spoke pockets are molded into the rim sidewall where the non-nipple end is anchored, at the same time as the nipple end is placed on the hub. This design reduces the inertia of the rim which equates to higher acceleration. The 24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes themselves are aerodynamic, too, and absolute best for achieving the top tension wanted for a stiff, top-performance wheel. The race-in a position package is crowned off by 3T’s titanium skewer that helps to keep the load low plus a suite of SwissStop brake pads that deliver stellar stopping power and wet or dry stipulations. Pair this wheel with the 3T Mercurio 60 LTD Tubular Front Wheel (YW-M60F) to finish the set. Carbon fiber rim supplies without equal in light-weight and stiffness 63mm deep rim profile ensures very good aerodynamic performance Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes slice throughout the wind Contains 3T Ti skewer to shave grams Shimano/SRAM 8/nine/10/eleven-speed compatible cassette body For tubular tires most effective Weight: 800 grams
1425 g
Carbon-fiber (rim) Alloy (hub)
All-carbon-fiber UD end