700×23/25C ~ 2x Tubes w/ 48mm Presta Valve ~ Road Butyl Bike Inner Tube w/ Brass Stem for Deep Section Rims, Fits 700×23, 25mm Road Tire – Projekt Bike

Durable tubes various in long and standard valve stem lengths to suit normal and deep section rims
High air pressure retention!
Good value

Make a choice Right Size, Valve Sort and Valve Length: Please be mindful of tire size (ISO and metric tire size embossed onto the tire sidewall), and either one of Sort and length of valve would possibly range. Specification: 700c (ISO 622) Road Bike Tire, 25-28C in width Tube Size:700×25-28c Tube Subject material: Butyl Valve Sort: Fully Threaded Presta Valve with Copper Stem Valve Length: Long 48mm Valve Core: Fixed Color: Black Tube with Green Valve Cap Web Weight: 300 Grams (approx) Shipping Weight: 335Grams (approx) Package: 2pc/Box Projekt Bike Road bike tube: Top Quality Butyl Road bike Inner Tubes are to be had in quite a lot of sizes with fully threaded Presta and Schrader options for all rim sorts. And they’re quite a lot of in long and usual valve stem lengths to fit customary and deep segment rims. Projekt Bike usual weight road bike tubes are reasonably priced and reliable. Features: –Made with top of the range butyl rubber; –Seamless construction removes weak points; Mold-cured and vulcanized for uniform roundness and improved reliability on the valve stem insertion; –Fully threaded valve for simple pumping, air leakage elimination; –Top Air Pressure Retention; –Strict QC with manufacturer warranty; –Just right worth, hard dressed in, durable and simply moveable tubes; –Reliable partner for road biking, coaching and commuting.
Durable tubes quite a lot of in long and usual valve stem lengths to fit customary and deep segment rims
Top air pressure retention!
Just right worth
Road, BMX, Mountain, Fixed Gears, Fixies, Track, Singlespeed Bikes
Please test your tire and tube size to get accurate sizes on your bike