700×35/38/43C ~ 2x Tubes ~ 48mm Schrader Valve Road Bike Inner Tube, Durable Butyl Tube with Solid Brass – Projekt Bicycle

Durable tubes various in long and standard valve stem lengths to suit normal and deep section rims
High air pressure retention!
Good value

Make a selection Right Size, Valve Sort and Valve Length: Please consider of tire size (ISO and metric tire size embossed onto the tire sidewall), and either one of Sort and length of valve would possibly vary. Specification: 700c (ISO 622) Road Bike Tire, 35-38mm in width Tube Size:700×35-38C Tube Subject material: Butyl Valve Sort: Fully Threaded Schrader Valve with Solid Brass Stem Valve Length: Same old 48mm Valve Core: Fixed Color: Black Tube with Black Valve Cap Internet Weight: 400 Grams (approx) Shipping Weight: 430 Grams (approx) Package: 2pc/Box PROJEKT BIKE Road bike Tube: Prime Quality Butyl Inner Tubes are to be had in quite a lot of sizes with fully threaded Presta and Schrader options for all rim varieties. And they’re quite a lot of in long and Same old valve stem lengths to fit standard and deep segment rims. PROJEKT BIKE Same old weight Road Bike tubes are inexpensive and reliable. Features: –Made with top quality butyl rubber; –Seamless construction removes weak points; Mold-cured and vulcanized for uniform roundness and improved reliability on the valve stem insertion; –Fully threaded valve for simple pumping, air leakage elimination; –Prime Air Pressure Retention; –Strict QC with manufacturer warranty; –Excellent price, hard dressed in, durable and simply transportable tubes; –Reliable partner for road biking, coaching and commuting.
Durable tubes quite a lot of in long and Same old valve stem lengths to fit standard and deep segment rims
Prime air pressure retention!
Excellent price
Your tough and reliable partner to provide a smooth ride and handling
Make a choice from 2Pcs Pack or 4Pcs Pack for Rider Selection.