Big Shot Bikes City Commuter Bike – Dublin. Single Speed and Fixed Gear. Front and Rear Brakes. Comfortable Road Bicycle Saddle. Sporty Bullhorn Handlebars. Flip-Flop Hub. Mens and womens.

Front and Rear Brakes
Lifetime Warranty on the Frame and Fork – 3 year Warranty on Components
Double Walled Aluminum Rims – High Tensile Steel Frame

A muted, type-forward design that is certain to show the precise heads while you pull up and lock up. This jet black attractiveness is in a position on your next journey. Handsome. Classic. Agile. Jet. Front and rear brakes that may forestall on a dime. A low repairs ride with a sealed and upgraded drive-teach. It’s going to get up to the elements and the abuse. Rolling on double walled aluminum rims, and rear Turn-flop hub that permits you to ride as a single speed or Fastened Equipment. It is a trendy, quality ride that may not cost a fortune.
Front and Rear Brakes
Lifetime Guaranty at the Frame and Fork – 3 year Guaranty on Parts
Double Walled Aluminum Rims – Prime Tensile Steel Frame
Bullhorn Bars for Most Comfort and a Sporty Feel
Turn-Flop Hub – Ride Single Speed or Fastened Equipment