Boardman Bikes Elite AiR TT 9.8E Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike – 2014

Frame Material: unidirectional carbon fiber
Fork: Boardman Bikes AiR/TTE
Fork Material: unidirectional carbon fiber

Despite the fact that its electronic drivetrain is impressive, the actual story of the Boardman Bikes Elite AiR TT 9. 8E Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike is the frameset at its heart. That is because, in comparison to the Kona-winning 2012 AiR TT, the contemporary Elite AiR TT 9. 8E enjoys 7% gains in aerodynamics in actual race conditions (read: yaw angles starting from zero to 30 degrees). When frictional losses between tires and tarmac are regarded as, Boardman estimates that these savings translate to 144 seconds over 25 miles at 25mph and 648 seconds over 112 miles — That is almost 11 minutes. When it set out looking for the ones aerodynamic gains, Boardman used to be equipped with the usual quiver of virtual aids: CAD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, et al. As with many other venerable industry names, the British company also made extensive use of wind tunnel testing so as to validate the ones designs. What sets the Elite AiR TT 9. 8E frameset aside from its competition is what Boardman refers to as Holistic Optimisation. Holistic Optimisation involves pushing the design of the frame beyond the virtual hydrodynamics of CFD software and the real aerodynamics of wind tunnels to the actual-world interaction on the nexus between wind, bike, spinning wheels, and the athlete themselves. When this stuff are all regarded as in a vacuum, it is simple to build a handlebar or frame that reduces drag; then again, when Boardman combined the entire elements in combination, it came upon unlooked for issues within the overall aerodynamic footprint. As an example, the initial handlebar prototype showed huge aerodynamic improvements over its predecessor. After they put a rider on it, Despite the fact that, Boardman’s engineers found that the interface between bars and rider in reality created aerodynamic losses. The use of Holisitic Optimisation, they were in a position to handle these losses, re-engineer the aerobar unit, and produce a faster overall bike/rider system. The proximal faces of the fork arms and seatstays also get some targe…
Frame Subject matter: unidirectional carbon fiber
Fork: Boardman Bikes AiR/TTE
Fork Subject matter: unidirectional carbon fiber
Headset: FSA integrated
Shifters: Shimano Ultegra Di2