Bounce Play Mini BMX bike

Hi Ten 10″ frame designed to handle sick tricks
Quality 1/2×1/8? chrome KMC chain
28/9 gearing for super speeds

You might be never too old to play. With out a restrictions on height, age or weight, we built the Play mini BMX so everybody can add slightly Bounce to their life! With surprising colours, graphics and a spotlight to detail, both Play colourways truly pack a punch. Developed to a top spec and packed filled with the very best quality portions, our passionate team of riders and architects have worked tirelessly to create a motorcycle like no different. Regardless of how much abuse you throw at it, the Play alternatives itself up, dusts itself off and is all the time able for more. Whether or not You might be pulling the sickest tricks or riding any place, the Play mini BMX will probably be your ever willing companion. This makes the Play absolute best for riders of all levels and a long time. Let’s Bounce
Hi Ten 10″ frame designed to take care of unwell tricks
Quality 1/2×1/8? chrome KMC chain
28/nine gearing for super speeds
Ultra mild alloy most sensible load stem
10″ outsized tyres so you’ll be able to ride any place