Burley Design Baby Snuggler

Machine washable
Thick side padding for comfort and support
Lumbar support pad for the infant’s back

Cushy and snuggly, the infant snuggler helps to keep your littlest traveler at ease and protected while jogging, strolling, or cycling. Advisable for kids 6-24 months of age. Kid will have to be no less than twelve months old before cycling in trailer (Kid will have to be in a position to take a seat upright unattended and grasp his or her head up at the same time as dressed in a bicycle helmet). for kids lower than twelve months old it is suggested to simply use the snuggler for strolling and jogging.
Machine cleanable
Thick aspect padding for convenience and beef up
Lumbar beef up pad for the newborn’s back
All fabrics are phthalate-free
Compatible with all Kid trailers that experience a five-point harness system