Campagnolo Bora One 35 Wheelset – Tubular

Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Rim Width: 24.2 mm
Rim Depth: 35 mm

The Bora One 35 Wheelset is essentially a smooshed version of Campagnolo’s flagship, 50-millimeter rims. They are shallower for a great balance of low rotational weight and wind-fooling aerodynamics that recommend them to be used by cyclists who enjoy long climbs, fast flats, and blistering sprints but do not need the luxurious of amassing a fleet of precisely specialized wheels. The Bora One 35 is the one one you can need. Like the Bora Ultras (and most of us), the Bora Ones have put on some girth over the holidays, expanding to 24. 2 millimeters. Unlike our extra mass, regardless that, those new millimeters are in truth desirable on rides, producing better handling and cornering, lower rolling resistance, and a smoother ride. The broader rims also net better lateral stiffness and — in a counter-intuitive twist — in truth beef up aerodynamics. These gains also come with an overall weight loss for the reason that stronger cross-element of a much broader rim lets Campagnolo build a more structurally sound rim with less material. The Bora One Wheels do make concessions to the Bora Ultra Wheels within the hubs. The Bora Ones’ hubs are constituted of aluminum as an alternative of carbon, and the bearings are Campy’s Ultra Smooth Bearings (USB) as an alternative of CULT. Of course, USB hubs still use legendary Campagnolo ceramic bearings, so They are a claimed 50% smoother than steel, which is the industry standard. In conjunction with using wider rims, Campy has expanded using 3Diamant braking surface to incorporate all Bora models because it addresses probably the most key braking issues we’ve got all had with carbon rims previously. Campagnolo literally uses diamonds to hone the brake track to close perfection, doing away with imperfections and resin in order that the pads connect straight to a strip of fairly textured carbon. This removes pulsing and reduces the time it takes for the brake pads to grasp the rim and it all but removes the standard breaking-in period for carbon brake strips, increasing stopping power by 40% in wet conditions and 20…
Material: [rim] carbon fiber
Rim Width: 24.2 mm
Rim Depth: 35 mm
Front Hub: Campagnolo USB
Rear Hub: Campagnolo USB