Collectibles Medieval Roman Spartan Helmet King 300 Leonidas Armor LARP Helmet

Premium quality roman centurion helmet
It is 25.5″ inside circumference
Ear to ear 8” and front to back 9″

Incredible roman 300 spartan armor helmet in nice vintage glance with black plume. gorgeous form roman armor helmet. this spartan helmet is excellent replica roman assortment. This superbly crafted antiqued piece have a just right form for everybody with at ease leather inside of. This Superb end is given to the helmet to make it Unique. It’s designed to provide a really feel like you’re the real warrior and can really feel ease. MANUFACTURED & SOLD BY NAUTICALMART INC.
Premium high quality roman centurion helmet
It’s 25.five” inside of circumference
Ear to ear 8” and entrance to back nine”
This helmet is manufactured from heavy 18 gauge steel in brass vintage
Customized dimension armor can instantly order to NAUTICALMART INC