Continental Nordic Spike Studded 700c Bike Tire

The partner by ice and snow
• Available with 120 or 240 studs
• Studs made of hardened steel

Whether or not you are living in Siberia or simply wish to journey your motorcycle all the way through wintry weather, the Continental Nordic Spike Studded Town/Hiking Tire is your move-to motorcycle tire. The Nordic Spike will provide you with grip on snowy, icy roads: Choose between a tire with both 120 or 240 hardened-metal studs. The open tread trend lets in this tire to shed dust and snow, so that you handle traction.

Product Features

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 1.6x 28in
  • Bead: Twine
  • Foldable:
  • Weight: [120] 850g; [240] 900g
  • Recommended Use: Cycling in winter
  • Manufacturer Guaranty:

The spouse through ice and snow
• To be had with 120 or 240 studs
• Studs made from hardened metal
• best traction on icy surfaces