DeFeet Handskins Glove LG

Made from Coolmax
Lighter weight than the Duraglove
Ideal for warmer temperatures

The Duraglove is built for use in cooler temperatures to ride hard but lightweight enough to care for dexterity.
Duragloves are designed particularly for aerobic sports such as cycling and running, with warmth to keep your hands warm at the downhill, yet sufficiently breathable and lightweight for the ones sweaty ascents. Made from Coolmax EcoMade subject material, they are also thin enough to enable dexterity if you end up lacing your shoes or digging on your jersey for food for your ride, and have a grippy logo pattern at the palm and fingers needless to say handling.

Duragloves are a favorite of many professional riders.

DeFeet products include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

About DeFeet
DeFeet owner and founder Shane Cooper came to the USA from England all over the past due 1960s, when he was once four. His father supported the circle of relatives by distributing knitting machines, which helped Shane develop an early interest in well-crafted knit materials. He also loved bicycles and, within the early 1990s, he determined to bring these two passions in combination with a view to create a unique new product, the Aireator. This cycling-specific sock was once the primary open mesh weave airflow design sock, and DeFeet’s first product.

The corporate has continued to grow and expand its line through the years. DeFeet products — primarily socks and other against-the-skin base layer items intended for sport use, which might be at all times made in the united states — are deceptively simple, yet durable and offering performance properties beyond what you’d generally expect.
Produced from Coolmax
Lighter weight than the Duraglove
Ideal for warmer temperatures