DIOKO BLACK SOUL 7-Speed Roadbike Aluminum Hybrid Frame Steel Rigid Fork Shimano 7 Speed Gear

Frame: Aluminum Hybrid Frame, Size: 540, Fork: Steel Rigid Fork, Bar Type: Aluminum Flat Bar
Handle Stem: Aluminum Quill Type Handle Stem, Brake: Caliper Brake, Speed Gear: Shimano 7 Speed Gear,
Rims: Aluminum Color High Rim (60mm), Tires: 700C * 23C, Color Tire, F/V Tube (80mm),

Body: Aluminum Hybrid Body, Dimension: 540, Fork: Metal Inflexible Fork, Bar Sort: Aluminum Flat Bar
Deal with Stem: Aluminum Quill Sort Deal with Stem, Brake: Caliper Brake, Pace Equipment: Shimano 7 Pace Equipment,
Rims: Aluminum Colour Top Rim (60mm), Tires: 700C * 23C, Colour Tire, F/V Tube (80mm),
Loose Wheels: Shimano 7 Pace Multi Loose Wheels (14-28T), Saddle: Hybrid Same old Saddle, Weight: 27.94 Lbs.
Envisioned Supply Date: 2 ~ 5 Industry Days Loose Transport. Ships in 1 Industry day