Dual Button Handle Bar Control for V3.1 Cycle Analyst

Convenient handlebar mount up/down buttons enables on the fly power level adjustments to any electric bike.
Requires an upgrade to the V3.1 CA Firmware (download http://www.ebikes.ca/product-info/cycle-analyst-3.html#software-setup-utility)
Can be used in conjunction with Potentiemeter or 3 Position Switch to adjust 2 different limit parameters

This twin button handlebar keep watch over from Grin Technologies integrates perfectly with the Cycle Analyst Digital Dashboard for electrical bikes. Once attached and configured, this button can give at the fly changes to the electrical motorcycle system together with: working mode, power help degree, and the like. A singular characteristic of this button keep watch over is that may be can also be daisy chained with a 3 position Transfer or potentiometer to have simultaneous get right of entry to to 2 other atmosphere changes.
Convenient handlebar mount up/down buttons allows at the fly power degree changes to any electrical motorcycle.
Requires an upgrade to the V3.1 CA Firmware (download http://www.ebikes.ca/product-information/cycle-analyst-3.html#instrument-setup-utility)
Can be utilized along side Potentiemeter or 3 Position Transfer to regulate 2 other restrict parameters