Durban Metro, Folding Bike, Alloy Frame

Brand-new authentic merchandise.
Fully assembled.
Bike is shipped in a durable box provided by Durban.

2015 Durban Metro 6 Pace w/20″ Wheels Folding Motorbike.

Authorized broker-Durban’s 1 12 months guaranty is valid.

Weight: 29lb (13kg)
6061 Alloy Body with Durban B-Sort Latch
Handiest 15 seconds to fold and unfold
Gears: Shimano 6 Speed
Folded Measurement: 26″ x thirteen″ x 31″ Inch (sixty six x 33 x 80cm)

FRAME: 6061 Alloy FRame with Durban B-Sort Latch
FORK: Top-Tensile Metal Fork
HANDLEPOST: Durban B-Sort Metal Handlepost with Safety Lock
SADDLE: Durban Convenience Saddle
SEATPOST: Alloy Seatpost (Measurement 550mm)
BRAKES: Alloy V-Brake
BRAKE LEAVER: Alloy Brake Leaver
WHEELS: 20″ Alloy Rims / 20×1.5 Tires / UCP Spokes
SHIFTER: Shimano RS-35
DERAILLEUR: Shimano TZ-50 (6 Pace)
FREEWHEEL: 14-28T Freewheel
CRANKSET: 52T Metal Crankset
PEDALS: Folding Pedals with Reflectors
QUICKSTAND: Metal Kickstand
MUDGUARDS: 20″ Wheel Metal Mudguard
PAINT: Clearcoating Over Decals
REFLECTORS: Entrance and Wheel (white) / Rear (pink)
MAXIMUM LOAD: 210 lb (95kg)
SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT: four’8″ – 6’three″ (1.40 – 1.90 meters)
ASSEMBLING: Absolutely Assembled
Emblem-new unique products.
Absolutely assembled.
Motorbike is sent in a sturdy field equipped via Durban.
Handiest 15 seconds to fold and spread.
Licensed broker-Durban’s 1 12 months guaranty is valid.