Essor USA Carbon Clincher Road Wheel Set, Front + Rear

Essor USA Full Carbon Wheelset
Hubs are outfitted with DT Revolution and Competition spokes
Compatibility with Shimano & SRAM both 10 and 11 speed

All Essor road wheels are designed in the us, manufactured from carbon fiber to supply optimal strength and stiffness.

Sustainable, dependable and scientifically designed for optimal performance, Essor wheels are a best choice for cycling enthusiasts.

With hubs and spokes built for max sturdiness and weight consciousness, Essor wheels are designed to make your motorbike lighter, faster and more aerodynamic.

Road wheels are to be had in 3 sizes: 32mm (%), 46mm (Rush), and 66mm (Dash).

Next Generation Performance
Our team of professionals are proud to offer wheels so one can optimize your performance at an impressively reasonably priced value. Whether or not you might be coaching or racing, you’ll be able to’t beat the worth of Essor wheels. Our wheels provide the stiffness you wish to have; the aerodynamics you need; and the sunshine-weight, low-rolling resistance you crave for optimizing performance. Skilled cyclist or a recreational rider, you’ll be able to love what Essor wheels will do for you.
Essor USA Full Carbon Wheelset
Hubs are outfitted with DT Revolution and Festival spokes
Compatibility with Shimano & SRAM each 10 and 11 speed
Braking system delivers environment friendly and dependable stopping power
Comprises carbon brake pads, skewers, rim liners *White decals are default