Fatboy Mini BMX 10 inch Inner Tubes (Set of 2; Black)

Got a flat? Want a tube ready for when you do?
Replace your inner tube with our reliable Fatboy Mini BMX Tube
Specifications: 4.10/3.50-4.0; durable butyl rubber; made especially for mini BMX wheels; Set of 2

Fatboy Mini BMX, the most efficient mini bmx for the road or the skatepark. Bust the BIGGEST methods on a Fatboy Mini BMX designed right here in the united states.
Were given a flat? Need a tube able for while you do?
Exchange your inside tube with our dependable Fatboy Mini BMX Tube
Specs: 4.10/three.50-four.zero; sturdy butyl rubber; made particularly for mini BMX wheels; Set of 2
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