FOX Racing Shox 32 Float 27.5 100 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork – 2016

Travel: 100 mm
Stanchion Material: Kashima-coated aluminum
Lower Material: magnesium

For the 2016 model year, the lower weight, higher stiffness, and mechanical redesign we saw in last year’s FOX Racing Shox 36 Go with the flow have migrated to the 32 Go with the flow 27. 5 100 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork. That is great news for FOX’s XC devotees, as the technologies and upgrades pioneered by the 36 inspired our own reviewer to say that “the remainder of the industry must aim VERY high to surpass it.” Along with a couple of tweaks to structural minutia, the most important change tested at the 36 and adopted by The brand new 32 Go with the flow is that the Go with the flow Air Spring at its heart is now dual-chambered and self-equalizing. Gone is the negative coil of old, which makes for weight savings that take full good thing about the slim, fast stanchions’ reduced bulk. If you need the fork to ramp-up harder, you’ll customize the spring’s compression curve with internal spacers to suit the 32 Go with the flow for your specific tastes. Fit is something of a key word for FOX’s reworked 32 Go with the flow line. The brand new model year’s other major addition, the Fit4 damper adjustment system, highlights this center of attention on rider-specific fit by incorporating the word in its title. As an alternative of the overly prescriptive Climb, Trail, and Descend settings of CTD, The brand new 3-position Fit4 system toggles between the more descriptive Firm, Medium, and Open settings in a move that — as the name suggests — fits the fork’s serve as for your needs. Whilst this alteration might read like an exercise in semantics, it in reality entails a radical realignment of the 32 Go with the flow’s capabilities. Whilst the 32 Go with the flow’s 4 inches of Commute don’t seem to be exactly big hit Subject matter, The brand new Open setting has been expanded to encompass the variety once divided between Descend and Trail, and the damper’s 22 adjustable sub settings are actually distributed around the more inclusive Open setting As an alternative of the limited Trail. This allows you to keep the front end plush with a view to take full good thing about the fork’s high-riding tendencies, combining better small-bump compliance with more confident tracking ac…
Commute: 100 mm
Stanchion Subject matter: Kashima-coated aluminum
Lower Subject matter: magnesium
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Steer Tube Diameter: 1-1/8 – 1-1/2 in