FOX Racing Shox 32 Float 27.5 140 CTD FIT Fork – 2015

Travel: 140 mm
Stanchion Material: aluminum
Lower Material: magnesium

The 2015 FOX Racing Shox 32 FLOAT 27. 5 140 FIT CTD Fork is an ideal match for these days’s super-lightweight, incredibly capable trail bikes. With a generous 140mm of Shuttle, it blurs the lines between cross country and all mountain, identical to the mid-wheeled trail rockets it was once built to check. Should you leave the massive jumps to the fellows in crazy-having a look helmets, but still love to ride fast in all places the hill, let this fork be your guide. Like latest generations of Fox’s Factory series forks, the FLOAT controls its stroke with the venerable FIT damper. The ‘FIT’ acronym stands for Fox Isolated Technology. And, unlike a traditional open bath system, FIT implies that the damper fluid is sealed in an air-tight bladder. This prevents contamination, which improves the consistency of the damper on long descents.Long-time Fox riders will in an instant notice Fox’s Climb, Trail, Descend damper adjustments. And even as it is familiar, improvements have been made for the 2015 model year. The Trail setting now has seven sub-settings, versus the former three. That translates into more fine-tuning of your low-speed compression, to perfectly balance beef up and suppleness. As ever, Climb mode provides essentially the most damping for a near locked-out feel, with slightly of cushion for any unexpected hard hits. And Descend mode provides the lightest compression damping for a plush ride.The 32 FLOAT comes with refined Kashima coated stanchions, which give reduced friction, and in turn better small-bump compliance, than the former Kashima coat. Essentially, the gold outer layer remains the similar–what has changed is the bottom anodizing, which leads to an even smoother surface than before. That is Along with a new, lower-friction lubricating oil, which adds to the dramatically smoother ride. Along with the friction reducing benefits, Kashima coating is harder than standard stanchion coatings. This equates to a longer wear life, in addition to more supple suspension action.The path-in a position, …
Shuttle: 140 mm
Stanchion Material: aluminum
Lower Material: magnesium
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Steer Tube Diameter: [tapered] 1.5-1.125 in