FOX Racing Shox 34 Talas 29 140 CTD FIT Fork – 2015

Travel: 140 – 110 mm
Stanchion Material: Kashima coated aluminum
Lower Material: magnesium

Featuring Shuttle that adjusts with a flick of a switch from 140mm to 110mm, Fox Racing Shox’s 2015 Talas 29 140 with the CTD FIT damper takes versatility and easy packaging to the following level. With CTD (climb, Path, descend), Every other lever temporarily and simply switches the fork’s compression to ideal settings for the duty handy. Fox’s climb setting adds a lot of low-speed compression to mitigate bobbing when status at the pedals. Path mode offers moderate low-speed compression to balance efficiency with optimum Path manners — and additionally it is independently adjustable with three settings; soft, medium, and firm. After all, the Descend setting features prime- and occasional-speed compression for plush action on steep and aggressive sections of Path. Every other key feature to this new Fox is an up to date spring curve that is more linear. That is achieved by the usage of an extended negative spring and by reducing the air spring’s compression ratio. The ensuing curve gives these air forks a more coil-like feel, and it also uses more of its Shuttle for the reason that preload would possibly not ramp up. The 2015 Fox Racing Shox 34 Talas 29 140 CTD FIT Fork is available in Black with the graceful and sturdy Kashima coating at the stanchion tubes. It is offered here with a tapered, 1. 5 to one-1/8in steerer, and a 15QR axle.
Shuttle: 140 – 110 mm
Stanchion Subject material: Kashima coated aluminum
Lower Subject material: magnesium
Wheel Size: 29 in
Steer Tube Diameter: 1.125 – 1.5 in