Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR Wheelset – Tubular

Just like the Campagnolo Bora that preceded it, the Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR is something of an anomaly on the planet of race wheel exotica. How may just a 50mm dish wheel that weighs not up to the lightweight alloy options of competitors, remain stiffer, track more with a bit of luck, and carry out just as well on nimble climbs because it does on tough sprints? ItAAAs for these reasons that the all-around, maximum-performance Racing Speed XLR sits at the most sensible of Fulcrum’s range, and is provided at the bikes of Fulcrum’s backed pro-tour team, Lampre-ISD. The XLR delineation in Fulcrum’s naming scheme indicates the Racing Speed rolls on carbon-fiber hub shells encasing CampagnoloAAAs most sensible-shelf, frictionless CULT ceramic bearings mated to chrome steel Cronitect races . The CULT bearing system is a purported nine times smoother than typical steel bearings, a smoothness that in an instant interprets to the wheelAAAs ability to roll up to the mark, and handle that speed with as little friction or resistance as imaginable. The carbon fiber rims and hub shells are tied in conjunction with aero profiled chrome steel spokes. The front wheel uses 18 radially laced spokes with the nipples hidden throughout the rim for improved aerodynamic efficiency. The rear wheel uses the similar hidden nipples, has 21 spokes, and contours Fulcrum’s Two-to-One lacing pattern. This arrangement, which features seven radial spokes at the rear non-drive side and, at the drive side, 14 tangentially laced spokes anchored to the oversized right side flange at the rear hub. The Two-to-One pattern ensures an instant, sure response in your pedal input and a greater balance of spoke tension for greater durability. The Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR Tubular Wheelset is light enough for hilly road courses, aero enough for breakaway riding in any terrain, and more than durable enough for almost the rest you may believe.