GLORYFIRE Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir Pack1.5L 2L 3 Liter For Hiking Cycling Outdoor Sports

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Keeping hydrated even as at the move is very important in all conditions and the GLORYFIRE’s hydration bladder water reservoir bag lets you do just that. With a 2/3 liter capacity, that is an very important piece of apparatus for mountaineering and camping trips.
Handy features include a wide screw cap, making it easy to fill and empty, a mouth piece which helps to keep out dust and dirt and a clever mechanism which shuts off water float when no longer in use top regent any needless leakage.It’s safe against the weather by double sealed sides which will with stand weight of as much as 170 lbs.
The sturdy tubing is made out of neoprene which is both flexible and unlikely to damage or perish. Made of thick premium quality flexible anti-bacteria Subject material to prevents the expansion of harmful bacteria and is protected to make use of in all conditions.

Brand: GloryFire
Subject material: Food Level EVA
Bladder Size: 16″H x 8″W x 2″D;
Tube Length: 42.5″inch
Capacity: 2L-3L
Color: Olive Green
Superb quality, exquisite details with reasonable price.
Widen snap design ,Screw cap port with care for , EXS military water pipe protection walls .
Self lock outlet seat , Sliding professional faucets, Double welded edge technology.