Hoppley 16″ Unicycle

Unicycle Type: Beginner
Wheel Size: 16 inch
Minimum Seam Length: 22″ (56cm)

Options: Saddle: Hoppley saddle (blue) Seat put up: Membership 25.4mm x 200mm chromed metal or aluminum with a welded oblong mounting bracket, 4 hollow Seat put up clamp: Nimbus (silver) fast free up, aluminum Body: Teacher spherical crown sixteen” (black) metal with 40mm stamped maincap bearing housings Hub/axle: UDC cotterless (black) 28H, hardened splindle,100 mm middle bearing to middle bearing Spokes: 14G. stainless chrome (128mm in Duration for 2X) with silver nipples Rim: United sixteen” (chrome) 28H, 32mm extensive, singlewall, metal Rim strip: Rubber Tube Dimension: sixteen” x 1.seventy five” Tire: Innova sixteen” x 1.seventy five” Crank fingers: United (chrome) 102mm, cotterless, metal Pedals: United, nine/sixteen” threads, plastic Bearings: 17mm x 40mm Approx. cycle weight: 9.5 lbs.
Unicycle Kind: Amateur
Wheel Dimension: 16 inch
Minimal Seam Duration: 22″ (56cm)