Industry Nine C58 Aero Disc Wheelset

Material: [rim] carbon
Rim Width: [internal] 16 mm, [external] 26.2 mm
Rim Depth: 58 mm

Fast, stable, reliable, and made within the good ‘ol US of A are all characteristics Industry Nine is proud to mention its new C58 Aero Disc Wheelset fully embodies. These new wheels are exclusive to Competitive Cyclist, and they are made by North Carolina’s talented group of wheelbuilders for those having a look to get essentially the most out in their disc-equipped machines. The heart of the C-series road wheels lies within the redesigned Torch road hub, and, as all the time, the artfully machined hubset is built in North Carolina by individuals who ride hard. And whilst the exquisite anodized finish is eye catching, it is what’s inside that in reality counts. Namely, the brand new Torch three pawl driver. It is the same driver used within the Torch mountain hubset, and like their mountain brethren, it is rated to resist 700 ft/lbs of torque. In other words, unless you might be powering your bike by means of a built diesel engine, there may be zero chance of slippage under power so long as the hub is well maintained. Speaking of which, Industry Nine manufactures its own Teflon contact seals at the endcaps, which effectively seals the hub against the most foresightful mud in ‘cross racing, they usually run drag-free, for logging those road miles. The wheelset makes use of Sapim’s trusted CX-Ray stainless steel spokes to deal with their best roundness. These forged, bladed spokes have a reputation as the planet’s strongest, stiffest option for securing a hub to a rim, so one can quell any fears of failure, regardless of what number of potholes you be ready to ride through. Enhancing the strength is a 2:1 lacing pattern at the 24 spoke rear wheel, with eight of those spokes at the non-drive side, and 16 at the drive side. The result’s reduced wind-up of the wheels under power for phenomenal power transfer, but with the lightness that comes with reduced spoke counts. Industry Nine’s core competency is in working with metal, so the master machinists from North Carolina paired up with the carbon gurus at Reynolds to provide a carbon fiber rim worthy of …
Material: [rim] carbon
Rim Width: [internal] 16 mm, [external] 26.2 mm
Rim Depth: 58 mm
Front Hub: Torch
Front Hub Type: quick-release