Industry Nine Pillar Carbon Enduro Wheelset – 27.5in

Rim Material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Tire Type: tubeless

Industry Nine has been making Enduro wheels for just about ten years now. It is smart — the manufacturer is positioned within the heart of one of the most rootiest, rockiest, nastiest technical terrain within the U. S. The Pillar Carbon Enduro 27. 5in wheelset is the culmination of all that have trashing, building, trashing, and rebuilding wheels. The bombproof, ultra-lightweight Pillar Carbon rims are laced to Industry Nine’s ultimate hubs with 32 oversized aluminum spokes each and every. That is a recipe for some seriously tough wheels. The Pillar Carbon rims don’t seem to be just any run-of-the-mill epoxy and fiber-reinforced rings. Industry Nine enlisted assist from the composite wizards at Reynolds Cycling. Which means that these 26mm inner width, tubeless rims feature Reynolds’ MR5 technology. It makes a speciality of five key elements–spoke face, nipple bed, tire channel, rim sidewall, and hook bead–so as to optimize resin chemistry and carbon layup for the structural plenty of each and every component. The result’s the Pillar Carbon rim with Twin Pillar hookless bead walls. The edges, found exclusively on Industry Nine’s Pillar line of wheels, are tubeless-in a position and offer a very good strength-to-weight ratio and ride quality characteristics. The Carbon Enduro 27. 5 uses 32 spokes per wheel for extra durability. As a substitute of steel spokes, I9’s wheels use 7075 aluminum. The spokes are straight pull, and they’ve a 25% greater cross section then comparable 14/15 double butted steel spokes. In other words, these spokes have a stronger tensile strength. Also, on traditional spokes, threads are rolled, no longer cut. This adds to strength, but creates a stress riser where the thread channel is narrower than the diameter of spoke itself. Industry Nine, then again, doesn’t wish to roll its threads. As a substitute, they are created all over the machining process, but cut in order that the thread channel is equal to the spokes diameter. The threads themselves are in truth larger than the spoke for a strong interface with the hub. That …
Rim Subject material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 27.5 in
Tire Type: tubeless
Rim Width: [external] 31 mm, [internal] 26 mm
Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt disc