Industry Nine Trail Carbon 24H 27.5in Wheelset

Material: [rim] carbon fiber, [spokes and hubs] aluminum
Rim Width: [internal] 21 mm, [external] 29 mm
Front Hub: Industry Nine Torch

Ideal for XC riders taking a look to capitalize at the mid-size platform, Industry Nine’s Trail Carbon 24H 27. 5in Wheelset reduces its spoke count and opts for a 2:1 lacing pattern over its three-cross, 32-hole counterpart. The large news, then again, is that carbon is after all joining I9’s aluminum disco. These don’t seem to be just any run-of-the-mill epoxy and fiber-reinforced rings. As an alternative, Industry 9 enlisted lend a hand from the composite wizards at Reynolds Cycling. Which means these 29mm-wide outer, and 21mm inner, tubeless rims have Reynolds’ encompassing MR5 technology. It specializes in five key elements — spoke face, nipple bed, tire channel, rim sidewall, and hook bead — with a view to optimize resin chemistry and carbon layup for the structural and quite a lot of each and every component. Long story short, this technology mated to I9’s deft spoke and hub interface is a force to be reckoned with. As an alternative of steel spokes, I9’s wheels use 7075 aluminum. The spokes are straight pull, and they’ve kind of a 25% greater cross section then comparable 14/15 double butted steel spokes. In other words, these spokes have a stronger tensile strength. Also, on traditional spokes, threads are rolled, no longer cut. This adds to strength, but creates a stress riser where the thread channel is narrower than the diameter of spoke itself. Industry Nine, then again, does not wish to roll its threads. As an alternative, they’re created all the way through the machining process, but cut in order that the thread channel is equal to the spokes diameter. The threads themselves are in reality larger than the spoke for a strong interface with the hub. That brings to light any other defining feature of those wheels — there aren’t any nipples. The spokes thread immediately into hub, making nipples as useful on I9 wheels as they’re on male mammals. The spokes also use a normal 15-gauge wrench and conventional truing methods with a view to service. The Torch hubs that these spokes thread into are a fresh redesign of the groundbreaking Industry 9 hubs. According…
Subject matter: [rim] carbon fiber, [spokes and hubs] aluminum
Rim Width: [internal] 21 mm, [external] 29 mm
Front Hub: Industry Nine Torch
Front Hub Type: 15mm QR
Rear Hub: Industry Nine Torch