International Surrey Company Limousine Deluxe Surrey

The Surrey Limousine Deluxe contains as much as 6 adults and 2 young children. The Surrey Limousine Deluxe, harking back to early automobiles initially of the 20 th century, is a commercial, rental grade Surrey bike that has been a staple within the leisure cycle and rental business for over 25 years. The four wheel Surrey bike supplies families and other sightseers having the ability to leisurely revel in any park, boulevard, beach or lakefront. The Surrey Limousine Deluxe is a transportation alternative to university and the neighborhood grocery store. The Surrey Limousine Deluxe, featuring a bake on powder coat paint, is constructed of mild steel and stainless-steel with aluminum alloy wheels, cranks and fenders and uses industrial grade, nickel plated chains to transfer cranking power to the rear wheels. The froth injected seats and marine grade canopy supply a relaxed seat to revel in a sunny afternoon. The Surrey Limousine Deluxe pedals like bike and steers like a car with rack and pinion steerage. Two rear drum brakes and front / rear LED lighting fixtures insure simple, protected operation underneath all stipulations. The children will love the patented dual child seat deal with bars! The bolstered, distinctive designed steel frame and heavy-duty aluminum alloy wheels with motorcycle spokes supply an enduring quadricycle in order to bring your circle of relatives years of pleasure or business years of profitability. The Surrey Limousine Deluxe is the finest double bench Surrey bike on the earth!