Knight 95 Carbon Fibre/DT Swiss 240S Road Wheelset – Clincher

Rim Material: Toray carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher

Knight Composites as a brand is moderately new to the cycling industry. In truth, the 95 Carbon Fibre/DT Swiss 240s Wheelset is the flagship of its debut line, so we admit to being more than a bit skeptical in regards to the impressive claims made by Knight’s R&D materials. Taking into consideration that the company used to be founded by three veteran innovators of carbon and aerodynamics, we almost certainly don’t have been. Knight’s wind tunnel numbers bear the claims out and suggest that the Knight 95 could also be the fastest wheel that we feature. The Knight 95’s impressive aerodynamic benefits top out at 15 degrees of yaw whilst traveling at 30mph with a claimed -112g of drag force. That is right, negative. The effect of this negative contribution is a claimed savings of 22. 5 seconds over 40km when in comparison to its most aerodynamically-gifted competitor. Just by changing wheels. To place that in point of view, riding the Knight 95 could very well have put Fignon atop the final podium of the closest Tour ever. Of course, unless you may have the engine of a Fignon (or a LeMond, for that matter), 30mph is just a little over the top over the course of a long event, but those advantages also trickle down to speeds within the mid-20s, so the 95s in reality lend a hand propel you forward once you have spun them up. The inclusion of DT Swiss’ smooth 240s hubs also goes some way toward countering the deep rims’ increased rotational mass, meaning that you can hit those cruising speeds faster and with less internal friction. To reach these almost comical test numbers, Knight developed what it is calling Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation Technology (TEAM Tech), which reinvents the aerodynamics of the wheel by shifting the focal point from the leading to the trailing edge. This change in focal point helped Knight design wheels as a part of a bicycle-wide system of aerodynamics that includes tires, rims, fork, and frame. The program started with Computational Fluid Dynamics software, proceeded through no fewer than two rounds of wind tunnel testing,…
Rim Material: Toray carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Depth: 95 mm
Rim Width: [internal] 17.8 mm, [external] 28 mm