Mavic Crossmax XL 29 Wheelset

Material: [rim] Maxtal (aluminum alloy), [spokes] Zicral, [hubs] aluminum
Rim Width: internal 23 mm
Spoke Nipple Material: aluminum

In case you have monstrous wheel clearance to your all-day adventuring machine, you can be in need of some monstrous wheels. The Mavic Crossmax XL 29s are methods to go, combining the countless bits of tech that underwrite the legend of Mavic’s wheels with without equal compatibility of a rim and a tire that were designed not to only work well, but to work well together. The edges are made out of Maxtal, an exclusively Mavic aluminum that enjoys a higher claimed strength-to-weight ratio than plain old 6106, and the spokes are Zicral, any other variation on aluminum that Mavic claims could also be lighter and stiffer than its sibling Subject material on the other pole of the alphabet. They arrive equipped with Mavic’s own Crossmax Quest tires, that are tubeless in a position, include Guard+ to fight flats, and provide very good grip in all conditions courtesy in their Contact Compound. Since Mavic is the, well, Mavic of bike wheels, the Crossmax XLs are replete with proprietary technologies. Inner Spoke Milling (ISM) is the method that provides Mavic’s road and mountain wheels that signature horst and graben look by machining the rim between spokes to take away excess weight without compromising the rim’s structural integrity. Mavic’s Fore process, which threads the rim’s spoke holes slightly than simply drilling them, nets a claimed 20% increase in rigidity and makes The edges four times more fatigue-resistant. The Crossmax wheels also include four pawls as an alternative of the standard two or three, which makes for a faster engagement whilst you go from coasting to pedaling. The drive side spokes are laced radially to deal with the extra tension that they experience. The Mavic Crossmax XL 29 Wheelset features a pair of Crossmax Quest Tires, a pc magnet for the front wheel, and an adjustment wrench.
Subject material: [rim] Maxtal (aluminum alloy), [spokes] Zicral, [hubs] aluminum
Rim Width: internal 23 mm
Spoke Nipple Subject material: aluminum
Front Spoke Count: 24
Rear Spoke Count: 24