Mavic Ksyrium SLR Wheel System

Rim Material: alloy
Rim Depth: [front] 24 mm, [rear] 26 mm
Rim Width: [internal] 16 mm, [external] 20 mm

Mavic’s Ksyrium line, even as varying in pronunciation, hasn’t ever various in quality. From the entry-level Kysriums, right as much as the SLR model seen here, they carry out remarkably neatly in just about all conditions and are bested most effective by probably the most aerodynamic wheels in less-windy days. This year’s SLRs feature one thing new, somewhat mash-up of a standard Kysrium and Mavic’s R-Sys wheels. The front wheel gets 18 Zicral spokes, like you will have seen in countless Mavic wheels, however the rear gets Zicral at the drive facet, and Mavic’s carbon fiber Tracomp spokes at the non-drive facet. This combo supplies unsurpassed power transfer, even as still allowing just a little of give when your wheel impacts one thing swiftly. The SLR’s rims have also been drilled out, in classic Mavic taste, to cut back the quantity of Subject matter On the rim, and thus the rotating inertia. On the brake track, you can in finding Mavic’s Exalith remedy, which offers superlative stopping performance in even wet or snowy weather. A latest Mavic development is the addition of tires to their wheelsets. Co-developed with Hutchinson, the GripLink front tire and PowerLink rear tire are designed to take the wheels to the height in their potential.
Rim Subject matter: alloy
Rim Depth: [front] 24 mm, [rear] 26 mm
Rim Width: [internal] 16 mm, [external] 20 mm
Brake Compatibility: rim brake most effective
Skewers: included