Mobo Mini- The World’s Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser

Innovative steering system with no balance needed
No chain and never-flat tires for low maintenance
Comfortable cushioned seat with stylish design

The Mobo Mini is ”The World’s Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser” for youngsters between the a while of 2.5 – 5 years old. Mobo Mini was once conceptualized with an ”eye on our kids’s long run” mentality: from its ergonomically designed steerage system to its versatile ride, kids building up physical activity at the same time as the original steerage system aids in key development for hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. Parents also are interested in the product’s robust subject material, Comfy seat, and chainless chassis which be certain no boo-boos for small fingers or snagged clothing. Historically, a kid outgrows their ”first bike” inside the first year, but with the Mobo Mini’s adjustable frame, your child can be creating memories, exploring new adventures and staying are compatible for years yet to come. Safety and reliability are extensions of Mobo’s ”Wow, Wow, Wow Revel in”; subsequently, a free safety flag and ”never-flat” rear tires are included in each and every Mobo Mini purchase.
Cutting edge steerage system and not using a balance wanted
No chain and never-flat tires for low repairs
Comfy cushioned seat with trendy design
Caliper handbrake with auto-steerage alignment
First ergonomically designed cruiser for preschoolers