Nashbar Steel Cyclocross Bike

There may be just something about chromoly ‘cross bikes that get the heart pumping and ratchet the fun level as much as 11. And whilst you combine the very good ruggedness and ride quality of steel with the recent and greatest Shimano 105 11-speed componentry the result is our gift to lovers of all things ferrous: the Nashbar Steel Cyclocross Bike. A chromoly frame and fork setup is about as strong as it gets, plus it is still slightly light and provides just the correct amount of flex if you end up pounding the trail. And Even as this steel beauty would possibly pack more grams than its more svelte aluminum and carbon fiber brethren, what it actually inspires is confidence — confidence within the handling, confidence in ride quality, and the confidence that whilst you hit the deck (and in case you are doing ‘cross right that fact is inevitable) your steel rig will still be in one piece and able to rumble whilst you pick yourself up. The amount of abuse this frameset can face up to is astounding. You’ll be able to thank your lucky stars that the entire cables are run along the top tube as they are far as conceivable from the slime and grime kicked up onto the bike in muddy terrain and they are all externally routed for without equal ease of maintenance. Even as some ‘cross bikes take the super purist route and provide no water bottle cage braze-ons, we, however, imagine otherwise. ‘Cross bikes are the real all-arounders of the cycling world and we highly recommend adding a few cages and heading out for lengthy adventures within the woods. Come race day, just take those cages off and you might be good to go. Component-wise, feast your eyes at the slew of lightweight aluminum goodies that make this rig such an abnormal value. Shimano 105 5800 11-speed components are without equal workhorse — replete with trickle down technology from its esteemed brethren Dura-Ace and Ultegra the entire Even as performing worry-free year in and year out — and they are spec’d where they count essentially the most as the shifter/brake levers, front and rear der