Giordana Lycra Shoe Covers – Men’s

If you wish to squeeze each and every ounce of aerodynamics from your kit to your Tuesday night time trial series, one cheap and cheerful addition on your wardrobe is a pair of the Giordana Lycra Shoe Covers. The buckles and mesh of your shoes almost certainly serve more than one design purposes, but usually aerodynamics isn’t one among them. With these covers you’ll keep your feet smooth within the wind with no need to fret about adding any overheating issues. Produced from straightforward, uninsulated stretchy lycra, these covers are designed to suit snugly around your foot. A zipper has been provided at the back, although, so you don’t have to struggle getting them off and on — putting in your booties will have to never be more tiring than the race itself! A hole has been provided for the cleats to poke through, and a hole may be where your shoes’ heel pads will sit down, in order that you will not be treading during the fabric unnecessarily. The Giordana Lycra Shoe Covers come in Black, Red, and White and include a handsome picture of the Giordana archer and script at the side. They’re to be had in Small through X-Large.