PowerTap G3 MTB Disc Hub

Material: aluminum
Hub Type: Shimano or SRAM compatible
Rotor Compatibility: 160mm 6-bolt (included)

The Power Faucet G3 MTB Disc hub after all permits mountain bikers to utilize power research right through their singletrack rides. This beefier version of the street hub is particularly designed for the abuse that mountain bikers dish out, and built to be paired with a normal 160mm mountain bike disc brake rotor. The Power Faucet G3 includes a 74mm diameter and a 15mm alloy axle. The stiffness-to-weight ratio is fantastic. The entire weight is set 680 grams, but that incorporates the 160mm rotor. The system is determined by eight strain gauges, which yield measurements inside of +/-1. 5%. After all, Power Faucet built the electronics into the top cap, so you would not have to dismantle the wheel to service the brain. The entire thing is powered by a single CR2032 watch battery, so as to last for roughly 300 hours of riding. As is the usual, the G3 is supplied with an ANT+ wireless transmitter that sends power, torque, speed, and virtual cadence data to either PowerTap’s Joule or any computer unit that interprets ANT+ (It does not work with Yellow CPUs.) The G3 is able to storing as much as 15 hours of knowledge in one-second gathering intervals, and as much as 30 hours of knowledge in two-second gathering intervals.
Subject material: aluminum
Hub Sort: Shimano or SRAM compatible
Rotor Compatibility: 160mm 6-bolt (included)
Spoke Count: 32
Claimed Weight: (hub and rotor) 680 g