Profile Design 58/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Rim Material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher

Long known for its aero bars and wind-cutting triathlon accessories, Profile Design has expanded its achieve over the last few years to incorporate additional componentry, including wheels. The 58/TwentyFour Carbon Clincher Wheelset combines Profile’s long-established expertise in aerodynamics and reputation for durability to offer any road or time trial bike a fast, smooth ride towards no matter what finish line you select. Profile collaborated with specialists in Computation Fluid Dynamics to research wind tunnel data and resolve the most efficient rim shape to succeed in low drag and solid handling in crosswinds. To copy real-world situations, the engineers even mapped out weather data from contemporary high-level cycling and triathlon events to recreate the ones wind conditions within the tunnel. The results of all this work is a wheel that is not just fast within the virtual lab world — it is fast out at the pavement in real-world wind conditions. The name tells you numerous about these wheels. The 58 references a 58mm medium-dish, aerodynamic rim with an external width of 24. 5mm to straighten the tire’s sidewalls for a plusher ride with less rolling resistance. The rim itself has a quite curved side and rounded spoke-facing edge that manages the lateral force of crosswinds for better stability than traditional airfoil rims. Profile uses its own high Tg point resin at the carbon braking surface for a claimed 30% increase in heat capacity in comparison to other high Tg resins used within the industry for carbon braking surfaces. This implies, in theory, that these wheels have better, more consistent braking across changing weather conditions and long descents than the contest. The wheels mean you can stop continuously checking the ones hourly temperature reports and radar forecasts and get out for a ride with confidence that you are able to stop when you wish to have to, without reference to weather. The opposite half of the name references Profile’s TwentyFour Series hubs. They are made of forged and machined 6061-T6 aluminum…
Rim Material: carbon fiber
Wheel Size: 700 c
Tire Type: clincher
Rim Depth: 58 mm
Rim Width: [external] 24.5 mm, [internal] 17 mm