Roundtail Delia Hybrid

Strength of Frame – The power of the arch
Comfort – Reducing the path of impact

With conventional diamond geometry, jarring vibrations are channeled in an instant to the rider’s spine. For any rider in any discipline, comfort matters, which is why bike companies have spent millions developing composites to deliver a more at ease ride. But they have got been stuck for many years, enslaved to the idea that of a triangle. In 2010, after a season full of long-distance rides, Lou Tortola – inventor of the RoundTailTM – started to rethink the form of a bicycle frame. Why had the bicycle frame remained just about unchanged for goodbye? Tortola broke throughout the barriers of the triangle. He believed that a pair of constant rings underneath the rider would soak up road vibrations with out compromising performance or lateral stiffness. Five months later, his vision turned into a reality. Laboratory checking out and Finite Element Analysis proved that the RoundTailTM supplies more than 10 times the vertical compliance of an ordinary double-diamond frame, and the hoop design absorbs 60 times more road vibrations. This breakthrough reduces stress and fatigue to the rider’s body, this means that you’ll be able to spend more time within the saddle – comfortably. The RoundTailTM design delivers a bicycle that provides each rider – from the Iron Man competitor to the weekend warrior to the commuter – a robust, fast, enjoyable ride.
Strength of Frame – The facility of the arch
Comfort – Reducing the trail of affect