RSD Judge Contrast Cut 16×5 Rear Wheel , Color: Black, Position: Rear, Rim Size: 16 12697612RJUDSMB

Roland Sands wheels are the epitome of subtlety and design smashed together in one stealthy, high performance package. Slam a set on anything for an instant weight reduction and high performance twist. Unload some unsprung weight and make a remark. Features: CNC Machined from aluminum forging. Smooth rolled rim lip with rim lip main points. Double radial rim lip grooves. Fully sealed, maintenance free deep groove wheel bearings. RSD logo badge. Design matched discs, pulleys and air cleaners to be had sold one at a time.RSD wheels begin with an aerospace-quality aluminum forging that place the absolute best subject material strength in the similar direction as the operating load, creating a light and strong wheel. At that time, an array of styles are created the use of CAD software, and every is subject to rigorous and intensive testing. One of the tests include: Torsional Load Testing – The torsional load testing machine simulates starting and stopping, in addition to the occasional burnout. Load-sensitive rams cycle from side to side replicating real-world-style torture in an try to rip the hub out of the rim. Side Load Testing – Side load testing replicates the improbable stress a wheel is subject to all over cornering. You’ll believe your RSD wheels will resist the ones canyon roads and track days because they’ve come out of the simulated side load test unscathed. Radial Load Testing – The radial load testing machine simulates a load on a tire/wheel assembly whilst taking miles and miles of road with the occasional beating. The wheel is forced to endure countless rotations with one flaw sending the design back to the drafting board. Have an effect on Testing – The huge Have an effect on testing unit simulates potholes and road hazards that a wheel is subject to all over its life at the road. Each wheel design is wrapped with a tire and hard-edge hits are replicated. The wheel should retain air pressure to pass. FITMENT NOTES AND EXCEPTIONS: Wheel