Shimano Dura-Ace F&R 11-speed Wheelset WH-9000-C50-CL-All Size

Off-set rim wider flange hub construction
Increase driving stiffness
Keep lateral stiffness with narrow space for 11-speed

Dura-Ace moves to the following generation. Examined in festival and brought to victory through professional riders in all prerequisites, together with the 2012 Tour de France Group Sky. Innovative technology for without equal in keep an eye on and confidence. Dura-Ace Wheel Sets are concerned about speed. New rim profiles yield substantial weight savings whilst keeping up aerodynamic shapes. Dura-Ace Wheels are race Examined on the perfect ranges of professional cycling to verify the perfect conceivable ranges of efficiency and high quality.
Off-set rim wider flange hub building
Building up using stiffness
Stay lateral stiffness with slim area for eleven-speed