Slime 30049 Self-Sealing Smart Tube, Schrader Valve (20 x 1.50-2.125″)

Pre-installed with Slime Sealant to provide maximum puncture protection and prevent flat tires on your bike
Instantly and repeatedly seals tire punctures for up to 2 years
Valve type: Schrader

Slime Self-Sealing Good Tubes are pre-put in with Slime Sealant, offering most puncture coverage. Slime Tube Sealant prevents and maintenance flat tires because of puncturing items as much as 1/eight-inch (3mm) in diameter. That suggests longer distances, quicker instances, and no flat tires. Slime Self-Sealing tubes set up like common motorcycle tubes and time and again seal punctures for as much as years. Designed to seal tread house punctures.
Pre-put in with Slime Sealant to offer most puncture coverage and save you flat tires to your motorcycle
Right away and time and again seals tire punctures for as much as 2 years
Valve sort: Schrader
Suits tire sizes: 20″ x hundred twenty five”
Designed to seal tread house punctures