Solé Bicycles The Overthrow Single Speed Bicycle, Black/Black, 59 cm/X-Large

Our Solé Bicycle includes a simple and minimalist custom frame – designed to maximise efficiency and speed. The entire bicycle weighs only 26lbs! Taking care of your Solé Bicycle – Pump it up: Each few weeks, your tires would be super stoked for those who grabbed your friendly bicycle pump and pushed some air into them. Your tires were meant to slowly seep air — so once they get low, pump them up. Keep it between 80-120 psi (Presta valve equipped). Lube it or lose it: Your new Solé Bicycle comes nice ‘n lubed up, but through the years mother nature can also be pretty sneaky, especially together with your chain. If yer chain starts squeakin’, clutch some lubricant at your local bike shop and flippantly apply. In fixie mode, the bicycle would possibly not coast; it is only in motion so long as your feet are pedaling. This makes riders feel more closely linked to their rides, like equestrians who read their horse’s diary. The only-speed mode has just one gear and allows riders to coast down hills or across smoothly paved roads. Whats within the Box: Your modern Solé Bicycle comes 90% assembled. All you gotta do is throw at the front tire, maintain bars and seat and your Solé is able to go. Do not be disturbed, we’ve all of the tools you can wish to turn your 90% Solé in a one hundred% Solé. We have now also included a step by step assembly guide.