State Bicycle Co. Warhawk Cyclocross Offroad Single Speed Bike, Navy/Maroon/Gold, 49cm

State Bicycle Co. Single Speed Cyclocross Bike, The Warhawk
4130 Chromoly steel frame and fork
Cantilever brakes

Middle line Fashion: army Maroon gold
4130 chromoly metal body/fork, cantilever brakes and Kenda eight’s are only the start on our Middle line Unmarried Velocity cyclo-Pass (sscx) Motorbike. Meant for optimum versatility, the warhawk is the kind of Motorbike you’re taking barreling during the Pass path on Saturday, spray down on sunday after which travel to paintings with on monday.

frame/fork: 4130 chromoly steel
brake: cantilever
handlebars: Zoom Drop bar
seatpost: Zoom alloy
wheelset: 30mm deep rim
tires: Kenda small block 8

State Bicycle Co. Unmarried Velocity Cyclocross Motorbike, The Warhawk
4130 Chromoly metal body and fork
Cantilever brakes
Kenda 8 tires
Best for Pass Racing in addition to commuting